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Loved Ones
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The people we love and who love us in return. Whether they are blood relations, legal relations, or no formal relations at all, these people are our family.

Willamette Elder Law will help you craft an estate plan that empowers this family to make decisions and care for you when you can’t care for yourself and to manage your affairs when you die.

A well-crafted estate plan shows your loved ones that you love them deeply enough to think ahead to how they will be vulnerable when you die or lose capacity. It will provide clarity on your wishes and guide them through that time.

Self Determination

To live a life of meaning in a way that affirms our values. To choose how we meet health, financial, and other challenges in life. These are tenets of self-determination.

Willamette Elder Law will work with you to develop and implement an estate plan that maximizes your self-determination. Your plan will ensure your voice is heard in the decisions that shape your life, even if you lose the ability to make or communicate decisions in the moment.

In addition to working with you on your own plan, Willamette Elder Law will also walk you through supporting someone in your life who needs help making decisions. If they planned ahead, we will support and guide you or whoever else they appointed as trustee, agent, and/or health care representative in implementing their trust, power of attorney, and/or advance directive. If they didn’t plan, we will take you through the process of becoming their guardian and/or conservator or finding and appointing a professional fiduciary.

Salem OR Entrepreneur Legacy
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Something to be remembered by, someone to pick up where we left off, in short, a legacy. Successfully passing our legacy to the next in line takes proper planning.

Willamette Elder Law will collaborate with you to design an estate plan suited to your resources, goals, and beneficiaries. A plan that will secure the legacy you intend.

Establishing a proper estate plan is even more important for entrepreneurs, whether the endeavor is a small business or the seeds of a small real estate empire. Willamette Elder Law will explore with you the special logistical and financial considerations that come with being an entrepreneur and help you develop an estate plan that ensures your legacy passes to your beneficiaries intact.

In addition, we will connect you to the professionals you need to secure the legacy you have worked so hard to create during your life.

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Willamette Elder Law provides insightful guidance in planning for your death and possible incapacity as well as compassionate assistance in meeting needs related to long term care, incapacity, and death of those you love.


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