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Christopher D. Hamilton

I grew up in Tualatin with a giant family, one biological brother and numerous informally adopted siblings, aunts, uncles, etc. I earned a BS at Western Oregon University and both a law degree and a Certificate in Dispute Resolution right here at Willamette University College of Law. If the academics matter to you, I was named outstanding Male Graduate of the class of 2009 at WOU and was ranked 8th in the class of 2012 at WUCL.

I’m looking to help others who, like so many of my informal siblings, have problematic biological or marital families and need to make sure the family that they’ve chosen (and who have chosen them back) are the ones that doctors and other professionals look to in case of incapacity and are the ones who receive the benefits of their estate in the end.

I’m also looking to work with families who are establishing a business, an investment property, or some other piece of wealth they can pass to their kids, breaking a cycle of generational poverty. I can help these families understand how to protect that new wealth in the present and build an estate plan to transfer it to the right people after death.

I balance my work time with time spent dancing (swing and fusion), consuming just about any form of sci-fi and fantasy (reading, watching, gaming), skiing, and connecting with the people I love.

Willamette Elder Law provides insightful guidance in planning for your death and possible incapacity as well as compassionate assistance in meeting needs related to long term care, incapacity, and death of those you love.


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